How to prepare for VMCE v9 exam?

How to prepare for VMCE v9 exam?

Hey everyone, DK here.

I recently received my Veeam Certified Engineer credential so now I can share some tips on how to prepare for it.

What to watch

You have two major options to prepare: in-person training or video training.

I was preparing using a VODL course (pronounced vee-oh-deel☺) which is basically a video-on-demand course. It’s a series of videos narrated by Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu who you might have seen on Veeam Live shows. You’ll learn about Veeam Backup and Replication functionality, VeeamONE, deployment and configuration, protection, verification, and troubleshooting. Unfortunately at the moment VODL is available only in North America.

If you are attending an in-person course, you can additionally watch Veeam Availability Suite v9 Feature Overview.

What to read

Where to try Veeam features

If you don’t have a lab, you are still able to get your hands on most of Veeam features in HTML labs:

  • that’s a brilliant HTML version of Veeam UI where you can click through most of v8 and v9 features to see how it looks. Great thanks to Niels Engelen for making this.
  • Also, you can check out some Veeam features demos

Where to get free Veeam license

If you have a lab, but don’t have a key, Veeam allows you to get a free NFR license for 2 sockets!

Where to practice before exam

Before you rush into the actual test, make sure you try the practice one. It feels easier than the real one, so be prepared to get a high score. This exam shows you which areas need improvement, so make sure to revise those.

Secondly, Rasmus Haslund who is now working at Veeam teaching VMCE Advanced has an awesome practice test on his own blog (Rasmus is da man!). This one on the opposite is harder than the actual exam, so if you pass it with flying colors you have a very high chance of getting certified without any troubles.

What to pay attention to

  • You need to pass with at least 70/100. That’s not a very high score to achieve. But if you get 70 on a practice test, it means you’ll hardly pass. Luckily, practice test shows you which questions you failed so you can see which areas you need to improve.
  • I and most of the people I know had troubles on questions regarding licensing and features included to free/paid versions.
  • Learn Troubleshooting section. Even if everything is fine (it just works!™) and you never had experience dealing with support or troubleshooting yourself, there are some questions on it.
  • Learn Veeam One. I know a lot of people who have years of experience with VBR, but almost never used Veeam One. Even ONE free edition is pretty awesome, so dive into it.
  • VMCEs have to re-pay for the Pearson Vue (PV) exam upgrade every 2 versions only (for instance if you did VMCE v9 classroom/VODL + VMCE PV exam V9, you’ll have to re-pay for VMCE v11 PV exam only, not in V10). However you are still required to upgrade through the free online content for the version in-between (VMCE v10 «What’s New» + practice exam in that case).
  • If English is not your native language, you’ll get additional 30 minutes which is VERY handy if your English is good enough 😉

To conclude, the exam was not the easiest one, but honestly, I was surprised when I passed with a first attempt. Just make sure to take enough time to prepare and don’t rush. All the above should be more than enough to get you prepared.

Also, recently I attended VMCE-Advanced training, but  that’s a story for another time 😉

Best of luck to you!


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