New Veeam 9.5 Hidden Gems

New Veeam 9.5 Hidden Gems


Hey, Veeam-lovers. DK here.

It’s a very busy with releases week: vSphere 6.5, Fantastic Beasts and Whatever, and of course Veeam 9.5

And since all vSphere features have been already explained and I have zero interest in the new Harry Potter movie, let’s focus on Veeam stuff. The “What’s New” file is ELEVEN pages, which is not bad for a “dot” release.

And the first hidden gem is….the INSTALL button. Well, it’s not hidden, but not very obvious. Many people didn’t realize that this ginormous green square is the button.

But anyway. What do we get with this new 9.5 release? I’ll just list major and obvious features and show less advertised


  • Full Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V 2016 support
  • Advanced ReFS integration (my favorite!)
  • Direct Restore to Azure
  • Nimble Storage integration
  • Enterprise stuff

If anything, read about them here


  • vSphere infrastructure cache. vSphere infrastructure is kept in memory now and is frequently updated. It means two things: you don’t have to wait until the list of inventory expands and the “Building VM list” operation during backup takes much less time.
  • Instant recovery of Windows endpoint to Hyper-V VM. You can start your backup of a physical server or a laptop on a VM while you fix the machine.
  • Proxy affinity. You can choose which proxies are allowed to backup to certain repositories.
  • SOBR temporary expansion. If you already have 3 extents in SOBR, you can now add 4th in maintenance mode, so that you could evacuate backups from smaller one if you want to replace it with a larger one.
  • Parallel processing for Cloud Connect tenants. Multiple concurrent backups or replications.
  • Cloud Connect Per-VM backup chains for CC Providers. 
  • Cloud Connect SOBR support for CC Providers. Simplifies backup storage management for Cloud Connect Providers.
  • Direct restore from tape. No need to extract backup files to a selected storage first,
  • Color themes:

In the upcoming months, I’ll be diving into these features more. Until then!



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