Who are Veeam Vanguards 2017?

Who are Veeam Vanguards 2017?

Hey community lovers, DK here.

So, usually it takes us a while to create a page with all Veeam Vanguards, so I got a permission from Rickatron to post a whole list here. And I’m coordinating this program after all, so without further ado here is the list of Veeam Vanguards 2017:

new Allan Rafuse
new Anatoliy Bakal
new Andreas Lesslhumer
new Darren Toews
new David Hill
new Drew Como
new Eugene Kashperovetskyi
new Florian Raack
new James Kilby
new Jesse Anderson
new Karl Widmer
new Luke Brown
new Markus Kraus
new Melissa Palmer
new Michael Berg
new Myles Gray
new Patrice Singy
new Patricio Cerda
new Pete Flecha
new Rhys Hammond
new Rob Nelson
new Yukinobu Asami
renewed Alex Samoylenko
renewed Andrea Mauro
renewed Anoop C Nair
renewed Arne Fokkema
renewed Carsten Rachfahl
renewed Christian Mohn
renewed Christopher Glémot
renewed Craig Dalrymple
renewed Cristal Kawula
renewed Dave Kawula
renewed Dave Morera
renewed Dean Lewis
renewed Denis Kelley
renewed Didier Van Hoye
renewed Eric Machabert
renewed Gary Williams
renewed Ian Sanderson
renewed Jim Jones
renewed Jim Millard
renewed Joep Piscaer
renewed John Nicholson
renewed Jorge de la Cruz
renewed Karel Novak
renewed Liselotte Foverskov
renewed Mads Fog Albrechtslund
renewed Marius Sandbu
renewed Matt Crape
renewed Mike Preston
renewed Nick Furnell
renewed Ólafur Helgi Haraldsson
renewed Paolo Valsecchi
renewed Paul Braren
renewed Paulo Roberto Sant´anna Cardoso
renewed Piotr Masztafiak
renewed Robert Hummel
renewed Ryan Jacksland
renewed Sander Berkouwer
renewed Silvio Di Benedetto
renewed Tim Smith
renewed Vladan SEGET


The proper page with all the links and bios will be on our Veeam Vanguard page when it’s ready™

Welcome new members and congratulations to the renewals! Thanks for beeing Veeam’s big supporters and let’s make this year awesome!



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