Fully-paid VeeamON 2017 trip: list of giveaways

Fully-paid VeeamON 2017 trip: list of giveaways

Sometimes sitting in the Marketing department + doing the community work really benefits the community in a very tangible way: I collected raffles for VeeamON 2017 for you!

Here’s where you can win a fully paid trip to VeeamON 2017:

These three are for EMEA-based people only:

  • Raffle on the blog of Didier van Hoye: write him a page why you really need to attend VeeamON but for some reason can’t.
  • Raffle on the blog of Rhys Hammond: write him an interesting story about Veeam.
  • Raffle on Veeam User Group UK LinkedIn page: subscribe to them and tweet about why you need to get to VeeamON.
  • Raffle from Arrow Denmark: tell them how Veeam saved your bacon.


This is a global one:

  • Giveaway by Gostev on the forum: share a Veeam story, catchy phrase or a joke about Veeam.


Win a blogger pass:

  • Blogger contest from Danish Veeam User Group: fill in the form on how you’d share the knowledge you’ll get from VeeamON



$100 off on a VeeamON pass

Also Petri IT Knowledge Base provides the $100 discount for VeeamON pass, enter the coupon code at the checkoutPETRI-100


Best of luck and hope to see you all in NOLA in May!

DK out

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