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About Ignite, Crazy Pills and Swaggernauts

About Ignite, Crazy Pills and Swaggernauts

Yeah-yeah, I’ve been terribly late, but that was an intense week here at Microsoft Ignite¬†ūüôÉ

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, DK here again.

Ignite is over, and let me tell you it was good. First of all for those who might not know what it is: it’s a conference from Microsoft presenting their products and services to ~20k people. It’s not like Apple’s with fancy new iPhones, watch bands, and one-more-thing. Ignite 2016 is a technical event for ITPros mostly spinning around Windows Server 2016 and Azure.

Windows Server 2016

Well, this time, I’m not going to dive into new features of WS2k16, I’d rather do¬†separate posts like I did with new Resilient Change Tracking¬†feature. Just want to mention that to me personally the release of new WS felt a bit like our own release of Veeam Backup and Replication v9: yes, some new cool stuff in the box, but mostly oriented to: a)enterprise b)fixing what was wrong with the¬†previous version.

Time will show how they deliver.


Microsoft loves linux, MS Ignite

WTF is this? Well, let’s see:

  • .NET core now officially¬†released for Linux and OS X. ¬†And it is Open Source;
  • PowerShell and Visual Studio code open sourced;
  • Tens of thousands lines of code contributed to Linux core;
  • BASH ON WINDOWS w000000000t
  • and more

Feels like I’m sniffing crazy pills. Who would have believed Microsoft would say this 5-7 years ago? And 15 years ago when Steve Balmer was jumping on the stage bonkers and calling Linux and whole open-source movement a “cancer”?

Yes, the microsoft-loves-linux thing was announced a while ago, but now I actually felt like this statement has something behind it. Good job, Microsoft*!


Azure MS Ignite
’nuff said

For those, who don’t: Azure is a cloud platform that provides computing services. For example, you make a backup of your physical server, send it to Azure¬†and it works from there like a normal computer would do.

This time, MSFT presented a lot of products with A-word: A-Monitor, A-Security Center, A-Stack, A-CLI, A-Data Intelligence, etc. I’ll eventually get to those when I get a chance, but the conference was stuffed with stories like¬†“we used Azure and transformed our business to the extent when you take a seat in a rocket ship and fly to another galaxy at a speed of light”. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but obviously, Microsoft is trying to switch people’s minds towards¬†the cloud, whether it’s public, or hybrid, but I still have my concerns on how it would work in real-world IT.

Anyway, Azure was literally EVERYWHERE. It’s easily the word of the week at Ignite.


All big events are about getting free swag. I myself didn’t get on a rampage, but I’ve seen a lot of people getting to booths with “Gimme some swag” attitude. My friends Clint Wyckoff and Dave Kawula even made a guide for those:

I’ve seen 4 booths (Including Veeam’s) using magicians to attract the audience. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying they are doing exactly the same tricks. HPEmanaged to get their audience without any tricks and made me scream H-P-EEE so many times that it got to my subconscious.

If you feel like I’ve mentioned too little about the event, you are right. But I’ll still be posting more on new things MS2016, Azure and all this in the future posts.


DK out

*That’s not a sarcasm. Really.